After recovering from the shock of seeing the complete unexpected murder of Toritaka Koiso, the Magistrates fumble for their weapons, only to realise they are not permitted to carry any! Toritaka house guards rush to defend their Daimyo and some of them have the smart idea to give their guests spare weapons (after being bullied into it by Hida Buruke).
The two shugenja have more luck as they cast their spells and thereby hinder the Maho Tsukai greatly.
Meanwhile the Maho Tsukai complete the ritual that will summon a powerful Kansen... however, they appear to have been mislead by an infiltrator as the summoned creature is no Kansen at all but a Shuten Doji!
A chaotic and desperate struggle ensues as the Maho Tsukai try to make the best of it while The Shuten Doji posesses one victim after another. Taint, Maho and gallons of blood from all involved parties fly across the stage.
Toritaka Ichu is seen melting trough a wall with an evil grin on her face, seems she was lost to the Shadow even before our heroes managed to free her.
When the violence finally ceases, 3/4th of the Toritaka Clan is dead. The Magistrates discover that a shadow agent has planted the scroll to summon the Shuten Doji with the Bloodspeakers.
Toritaka Tokimasa survives the fight and speaks to his brother Hideaki about joining the Crab Clan. Hideaki is reluctant to do so but at the moment has no resources to aid his fallen clan...
The Toritaka and the Crab magistrates have been dealt a crippling blow. They decide to head towards the Phoenix Clan, in the hopes of finding answers to their questions.

21/01/2013 8:30am

One thing must be known about this epic fight. While our companions were strugeling to keep alive, we from Crab clan anihilated the entire treat. While Hida Buruke slew almost all the Maho Tsukai single handedly, I defeated the The Shuten Doji. It must be said Yasuke Kioshi showed that he also has Crab blood flowing through his vains. He entangled 1 maho Tsukai in his Whirlwind spell while cleverly sticking a Jade finger into the The Shuten Doji back. This being said I also believe more and more that me and Hida Buruke are meant to become true heroes of the crab clan. Our forces being so complimentary we make a deadly duo.

28/02/2013 7:12am

I vow to never go unarmed again! The scar I have sustained mars my beautifull body. I will also dispense my jade dust upon my arrowheads.
That will be a nasty surprise for the next taint creature that crosses my path...


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