The heroes recieve an invitation to attend the festivities of the Marriage of Toritaka Hideaki's Brother Toritaka Tatsune to Moshi Kimiko of the Centipede Clan. 
This marriage will cement relations between the Falcon Clan and the Mantis Clan, who have absorbed the Centipede into their clan following the Second Day of Thunder, where the Mantis achieved Grat Clan status.
On their way to Tani Hitokage (The Valley of Spirits) the heroes encounter the ghost of Toritaka Genji, the former High Priest of Sonzoku Kara Satsu (Temple of the Noble Ancestors).  He pleads to them to save his corpse and soul by recieving a proper burial. His corpse is located in the Hall of the Boar.
Upon arrival in Kyuden Toritake, the heroes are greeted by Hideaki's kid sister Ichu.
"The Falcon flies, learning winds of distant lands, weary wings rest."
The following morning, during breakfast the shocking news is announced that Toritaka Ichu has been kidnapped. Naturally, our heroes investigate and find that Maho users are responsible. In the attack, the friend of Ichu, Seppun Hori, son of Seppun Fujiwara the Imperial Tax collector, has died. All blame goes to the Yojimbo: Toritaka Kenzo.  

The heroes follow the trail of Maho users to the Twilight Mountains, where they find the abandoned castle from the long lost Boar Clan. A great host of fresh bodies is found in the Hall of the Boar. Most of these are eta, missing villagers or wandering Komuso monks. Suddenly the heroes are attacked by Maho Tsukai as well as the massively tainted form of Kuni Chinatsu. After a brief but brutal fight, Chinatsu and a Maho Tsukai are killed but another Maho user manages to escape. The corpses rize and the Bushi have a hard time fighting these undead. In the end they are victorious by locking the zombies inside the abandoned Castle and by waiting until the resurection spell dissipates.

The samurai return triumphant and take part in the festivities. There is still the small matter of seeing Seppun Fujiwara's honour satisfied and Kakita Yorito decides to duel for the honour of Toritaka Kenzo. Sadly, he is no match for the Seppun-trained Yojimbo duellist. 
- A contest is declared among the Ronin to have a new Yojimbo for Toritaka Ichu. 
- The Mantis Clan seeks to invade the abandoned Scorpion lands and want to know the Falcon's position.
- The Dragon ronin Hatamoto is found floating dead at the Lake of Cherry Blossoms, talking with the Kami reveals that the Kikage Zumi Hitomi Sakashi is responsible, he is nowhere to be found.
- The secret love between Toritaka Hideaki and Doji Hamaki becomes dangerous as they discover that a secret loveletter to Hideaki did not arrive and has gone missing.
- Hida Buruke and Toritaka Tatsune are both fed drunk and goaded into a friendly game of Go, during the course of this game Tatsune insults the big Crab and both are ready to draw steel. Yasuki Kyoshi quickly fetches the Daimyo who puts an end to any foolish bloodshed that was about to happen.
Angry Buruke returns to the Geisha house of the Crystal Rose where he enjoys entertainment and sake away from court. In the Middle of the night he wakes up with the leering face of a ninja over him and a blade embedded into his gut.
At the same time in the castle, Kuni Shidjiro faces his arch nemesis in a corridor...

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