Most heinous assassination of Otemi's second while comiting seppuku
Since the grave events of the night before, all court activities have been cancelled. Only the Ikebana flower arrangement contest continues. 
By mid day, the heroes are expected at court to inform it of their findings and dealings with the Shadow. First the Unicorn Emerald Magistrates tell their tale of the Lion treachery they encoutered. They were hot on the heels of a Maho-Tsukai who escaped to Lion lands and hid in a local village there. the Magistrates assume the Maho Tsukai got aid from the local population.But before they were able to investigate the village, Jade Champion Kitsu Okura appeared. Kitsu Okura  was the first to hold the Mantle of the Jade Champion since centuries. But his victory at the championship was marred by rumors of dark deals being the source of his power. Okura unceremoniously ousted the Emereld Magistrates  from Lion lands claiming they had no juristiction. This and other rumours and events will prompt the Unicorn to send an army to Lion lands In order to force the issue.
Next, Kuni Rashomon presents his case, allowing Kuni Shidjiro to retell all the events involving the Shadow. However, Daidoji Uji voices the thoughts on this for most of the gathered clans. The Lying Darkness seems a minor problem compared to what is happening in Rokugan and mostly a Crab Clan problem. As such, Uji claims its is no different from the Shadowlands and thus a Crab responsibility. Futhermore Daidoji Uji presents his intentions to declare war on the Lion clan and retake Shiro no Yojin, The Castle of Vigilance. As his ancestor Daidoji Yurei had commanded him to do so in a dream.
Kitsune Ryoshei promises to look into the matter of the Lying Darkness.
Before more discussion can be held a gong sounds, announcing the time of Ikoma Otemi's seppuku. A light drizzle falls as the samurai completes his ritual but just as his yojimbo is about to strike off Otemi's head, the bushi is felled by an arrow to the neck. Shame and outrage erupt. Shidjiro spots a small, dark figure escaping in the woods. Misturugi goes in pursuit and manages to take the assassin down. She is a young and beautiful woman but immediatly tells Mitsurugi that this is all part of the plan and shows him a crane tattoo on her shoulder. Mitsurugi decides quickly to let her go.
Meanwhile Daidoji Uji takes the opportunity to shame the Lion emissaries further, claiming their dishonest conduct solicited the underhand ninja attack. Tempers flare and the Lion declare war on the Crane.

Yoritomo Masasue
Just before the botched seppuku ceremony Mitsurugi was approached by Yoritomo Masasue. He is a Bushi with a deep love for arts and philosophy who has read the transcript of Misturugi's  play about Emperor Tutori and the nature of Ronin. He is highly impressed with the work and asks Mitsurugi to write a new commissioned play for him that delves deeper into the topics of man, being responsible for his own fate and actions instead of the widely recognised machinations of fate by the Kami.
Although apprehensive at first, after a long debate and the exchange of idea's about the self-sufficiency of men and Masasue's guarantees of a receptive audience all over Rokugan. Mitsurugi agrees.
Meanwhile Kuni Shidjiro and Yasuki Kyoshi have been invited by Iuchi Karasu (who has gained the nickname "inside-out man" from the Crab magistrates). He has information on the Lying Darkness that he did not wish to reveal before the assembly. The Doomseeker explains more on the modus operandi of the Lying Darkness, who corrupts and claims people in high places in order to have spies everywhere. Karasu also tells a tale from when the Unicorn travelled the burning sands. In this tale, the Unicorn discovered that By shining light trough a cristal they could see when someone was taken by the Shadow. See the complete story here.

Fox Clan Temple of Ancestors
Kyoshi, taken by the Darkness
That night, the heroes convene to discuss their findings. Afterwards Kyoshi finds himself unable to sleep. He feels strange and when he returns from an unfruitful cleansing ritual in the woods, while using his Kuni crystal, he discovers that his features have vanished.
Even though he is loathing to do so, Kyoshi finds no alternative way but to seek help from his rival Kuni Shidjiro. The two meet and their conversation attracts the attention of Buruke and Mitsurugi as well. All can now plainly see the evidence before them. Kyoshi has been infected by the Darkness.
Unsure what to do the heroes discuss this problem. Kyoshi cliams he has full control of his actions and since previous attempts (Kakita Yorito's stain) have failed to cut away the taint with the Kuni Tanto, kyoshi returns the Kuni Crystal and they decide to leave it at that, pending new information.
The next morning, Kuni Rashomon declares that our heroes cannot continue their investigations by remaining in Crab lands as magistrates and declares Kakita Mitsurugi as the new leader to perform covert operations away from the Crab. Accompanied by this surprising news is a letter from the right hand of Chancellor Takuan, Tankenka (see below).The letter asks the heroes to come to Toshi Ranbo wo Shien Shite Reigisaho or Violence Behind Courtliness City, also just named Toshi Ranbo by most.
Tankenka also speaks of a common denominator who is behind several insidious plots to raise animosity between the clans.


07/05/2013 2:29am

O father I do now finally see that your way, the way of the Kuni Shugenja, is the only pure way into finding a real solution against all the darkness is this rotten world. I will start to study as a real Kuni Shugenja at once and hope that I payed enough attention in my classes so many years ago. From what I have seen crystals are the only thing the LD is influenced by. I must find out more about this chemistry and will start experimenting on Kyoshi as soon as possible. I intend to grind some crystals into a powder and see if mixed by purifying herbs this will influence him. Also will I study the possibilities of merging spells together or altering them (jade into crystal) so that we can hurt our enemy and free our Brothers from this curse. I am however afraid that we have now lost Kyoshi and Yorito and when the time comes I hope to deliver them a quick and honourable death.

14/05/2013 12:03pm

Copious amounts of glory.
It falls my way and i can not deny that it is my right.
Have I not written a masterpiece about the very soul of man?
Have I not preformed the lead in it with magnificent skill?
Have I not stood with my brothers against the ultimate elemental evil
and deliverd the blow that felled it?
And most importantly, have I not remained pure despite the machinations of the lying darkness and the shadow lands alike?
Now I rise from magistrate to leader of magistrates by the hands of Tankenka and Kuni Rashomon themselves. I admit I am the logical choice in our group, combining diplomacy and combat prowess, but it comes very unexpected. Now I discover that the woman who stole my heart is expecting my progeny. I am most happy but will admit fear for the future. All these gifts come to me in a time that I percieve as defining for our society. There has always been war between the clans and a great threat from darkness but this time it is different. I will work and fight hard to lead my brothers to an enduring victory. It is ironic that the two most extreme of my friends are now my closest allies. Buruke and Shidjiro will have my back, I do not doubt it.
Kyoshi and Yorito are compromised by the lying darkness and Hideaki is still suffering from the decimation of his family but the are true samurai, they will overcome.

To reflect my intentions for the future I have decided to change my name from now on to Kakita Mitsurugi Junsuina.


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