Kuni Yori enacts a perverse magical ritual. The undead general Moto Tsume, slain during the fighting on the 2nd Day of Thunder, is restored to unlife via the power of Fu Leng's skull.
Afrer months of silence, Yakamo suspects that Yori will soon assault Hiruma Castle again. He sends scouts to Kyuden Hida to summon reinforcements and supplies. None of the scouts reach their destination alive.
Moto Tsume and Kumi Yori lead a brutal assault against Shiro Hiruma. Legions of undead, ogres, and bakemono Surround the fortress. The Crab are nor prepared for this assault, yet somehow, through a combination of resourcefulness, determination, luck, and the aid of the Third Whisker Nezumi, they survive che onslaught.

The Naga armies invade Dragon Clan lands. The Naga fight back only when engaged, but are brutal and merhodical in their passage through the mountains. The Dragon likewise tenaciously defend their homes, initiating a prolonged campaign of brutal mountain warfare.

The Mantis begin to occupy the abandoned Scorpion lands, but face fierce resistance from the Crane. Daidoji Uji does not fully trust Yoritoos motives, and suspects thar once the Scorpion lands are secure he might turn on the Crane. Yoritomo knows that the Crane forces arc not large enough to sustain a prolonged attack or hold the Scorpion provinces wirhout weakening the defense of their own borders, so he withdraws into Beiden Pass to fight a defensive battle and wait. After many long weeks, Uji bitterly withdraws his forces.

The Mantis withdraw from Beiden Pass and continue their inexorable march north. Doji Kuwanan continues his pursuit of the Mantis north across the Empire. The Lion are outraged at such effrontery from both of the other Clans, but their voice in courr goes unheard. The Lion army is likewise unable to oppose such an offense, as they are split between battling the Unicorn and aiding upon the Kaiu Wall.
Though Yoritomo has had ample time ro recover from Kuwanan's surprise attack, his proximity to Crane lands only serves to further push the Mantis into a disadvantage, and Yoritomo finds his path home cutoff. Seeking the only logical course, the Son of Storms opts to skirt the Crane lands and retreats to the edge of Phoenix territory. Yoritomo hopes the Crane will not be so willing to send an uninvited army into the lands of their longtime allies without proper protocol, and the Mantis are given time to regroup.

Kuni Shidjiro
12/12/2012 1:56am

Seems like the lands are stirring and it is time for me to learn how to really battle the Maho Tsukai. I will leave and search for my mentor Shikehime in order to become a true witch hunter.

Kuni SHidjiro
14/12/2012 12:43am

But before leave I give Hida Buruke the Jade mask Kuni Rashimon so that he has proof that I will rejoin them later on and that he can stay in contact with our master. I also give Yasuki Kioshi his first training in how cast the jade strike spell and provide him with a copy of this spell so that he can lear it on his own. Then I leave for the shadow lands in search of the cave where I know I can find my mentor.


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