Children of the Crane!

Hear me now, as I write my last letter to you.

Our Champion has commanded me to hold my ground at Bayushi Palace, but I will not. I have marched the army of Daidoji through beiden Pass, toward Shiro no Yojin and victory. Kuwanan-sama chases the Mantis. Though some say they only try to fulfill their charter of peace and marshal the unaligned lands, we of the Crane know that Yoritomo-sama seeks a greater prize – not gold, or silver, or gems, but Jade. And Kuwanan-sama will give his life to see that the Throne is safe from a petty upstart. And he is right to do so. But I cannot. I have spoken with the Mantis champion, and I know his ways better than any man. He seeks power, yes, but only as much as he can protect – and the Jade Throne is a prize too many men covet. It would be his, and gone again, before the sun set.

There is another enemy which must be stormed. The Matsu, confident in our weakness, have left their lands lightly protected, sending the mass armies to assault the Crab. Again, they attack helpless peasants and defenseless lands, as they did when they seiged lost Doji palace. This cannot be allowed. We must strike now, before they raise an army of black fiends and Oni, before the sorcerer they serve raises the head of his beast and sends it toward our children. My honor demands that we slay Okura, retake Shiro no Yojin, and return it to the hands of its rightful owners.

My ancestor, Daidoji Yurei-sama, swore to defend that palace, and my honor demands I fulfill his oath. Further, it is the duty of every Daidoji to protect Crane lands against the black grip of the Lion. Their Jade Champion, Kitsu Okura, is a blasphemy to his rank, and to the Empire. They are a soil upon the brow of the sacred land, one which I cannot allow to live a day longer. They must be destroyed, as they once tried to destroy us. If my life is forfeit, then I will gladly sacrifice it so that the Crane may rise. Once I have taken the palace and destroyed this blood Sorcerer, I will send my head to Niwa Shita no Kage Toshi in recompense for my treason.

Daidoji Uj

15/5/2013 05:46:09 am

These Crane ,Mantis, Lion and all other clans do still not understand it , they have never ventured beyond the wall and seen the true evil, never have they seen Maho blood priest sacrifice young children, never have they smelled the sulphur breath of an Oni and never have they Feld the chill of the Lying Darkness running down there spine. These futile wars only weaken the Empire until the great evil will overcome us all. I hope to find some old friends of my father in Otosan Uchi who still have some power at the imperial court who can maybe at least make the emperor see that they must now, more then ever combine there power to beat this dark evil. Only how can I warn them when I may not speak it's name without drawing further attention to it... It will be a hard task.


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