Hida Buruke awakens with a spider clan ninja sticking a sword in his gut. He promptly fights, naked and bare-handed but is still victorious.  Meanwhile Kuni Shidjiro has a not-so honourable duel with his scorpion enemy and he is victorious as well, the false ronin is imprisoned underneath the caste. 
The Katana of Toritaka Tatsune goes missing and is later found in the quarters of clan champion Toritaka Mai. She claims she has nothing to do with it and a rigorous interrogation by Inquisitor Kyoshi reveals she is not lying.
Meanwhile General Noburo produces a Maho user from the Hare Clan who confesses the Hare have been responsible for the Kidnapping of the Daimyo's youngest daughter. However, our heroes don't believe it but unless they can find some evidence to the contrary, it looks like the Toritake are heading toward war with their neighbours.  Apart from that, in a talk with the new head of the monks Motohaki, the heroes learn of terrible disturbances in the spirit world. apparently there is a full fledged war going on between the realm of slaughter and the realm of the ancestors.
The marriage ceremony is now in full effect and the Magistrates have no choice but to postpone their investigations and attend the feast. That evening, renown Kabuki actors are bringing the classical play: Closing Night. A legendary play from Hiruma Nabuko, dealing with the dangers of the shadowlands. Before the play ends, one actor suddenly leaps forward and slashes the throat of Toritaka Koiso, wife of the Daimyo. Before they know it, the entire stage is wielding blades and casting Maho spells...

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