Kitsune Gate
As the crew rejoins, a high-pitched, fevered battle ensues. The elemental terrors are the most powerful adversaries the heroes encountered thus far. They manage to defeat them without too much trouble, Mitsurigi performs the killing shot, thereby gaining respect amongst his fellow magistrates. He also proposes to the Otaku Battle Maiden who is only too happy to speak to her father about this. While the magistrates recover, they talk about their plans. Buruke explains that there must be a traitor amongst them and he suspects the blind seer Itako. His companions agree that there is a traitor but do not believe it to be the seer.
Meanwhile, both Kakita Yorito and Yasuki Kyoshi are becoming more erratic, discontent and sometimes downright disrespectful. Yorito voices his concern to Hida buruke that he no longer wishes to be a "Koma".
A few day later the caravan arrives at Kyuden Kitsune, a lush and beautiful forest surrounds the location. As soon as the heroes arrive they notice they are being followed. Later it turns out these are "spirits of the forest" but Yorito is gung-ho and jumps into the dark forest to find out what is going on, once there, he uses his new found abilities of the Darkness to remain unseen. In doing so both he and Yasuki Kyoshi recognise each other as being tainted by the Lying Darkness. From this point on, Kyoshi acts very hostile towards the cocky duellist.
Luckily there are no witnesses to this exchange as the heated emotions would cause a stain on their honour.

Kyuden Kistune
After their arrival the magistrates convene in the bathhouse to discuss their plans. While Kyoshi is absent Yorito shows up wearing some kind of toga, which is a bit weird  Another heated discussion flares up, this time between Yorito and Buruke on the subject of Yorito no longer wanting to be a Yojimbo for the large Crab. As the duellist stomps out the bathroom, the others are left baffled and shocked by his words. 
That evening all the visitors are gathered for a banquet. The heroes learn the following:

The Mantis Daimyo has proposed to the Fox Daimyo.
  • The Lion and the Crane are on good terms with eachother.
  • A blight is ravaging the lands of Rokugan.
  • The Crane and Mantis are at war over the abandoned Scorpion lands.
  • The Lion and the Unicorn are about to declare war on eachother.
  • Kakita Yorito has been freed of his duties as Buruke's Yojimbo by Daidoji Uji. Yorito's father did not agree but must comply to the Daidoji Daymio's wishes.

That night after long sessions of boring peace talks, a scream awakens the Magistrates. In the central courtyard they find Doji Harudoki on the ground, here kimono torn open with the Lion Ikoma Otemi standing over her. She accuses him trying to rape her. Even though Yasuki Kyoshi learns trough spellcraft that she is lying, Otemi says nothing. Harudoki chooses Yorito to defend her honour in a duel with Boken. The Kakita wins the duel easily resulting in a proclamation that Ikoma Otemi will commit Sepukku at dusk...

List of NPCs:

11/4/2013 03:52:00 am

I have decided that I need a new subject to study now that I longer study the art of Maho. It is Obvious to me that this needs to be the lying darkness as this true evil seems to treaten us more and more. What I have already found out is that I get nightmares when studying this subject. I will therefore start to study the elements that influence or are influenced by this evil. For the moment I will start studying the spirit world as this foxnest seems to be the perfect place to do so. Also have I convinced my brothers to subdue the next creature the lying darkness sends after us so that I can experiment on it to see what it weaknesses are. All this political talk between these fools is starting to annoy me, don't they see that these wars and fueds only feeds the greater evil that is trying to overtake our souls, bodies and lands? I hope we will soon find signs of where or how to beat this evil as my soul and my swordarm grows more and more restless. Also a mental note to myself ; I must keep an eye on Kyoshi, if I would not have cut the taint out of him he would have been lost to it and I have never heard of an inquisitor becoming so tainted.

14/4/2013 01:52:24 am

He cup open my arm!! My friggin' arm! Sure I had some taint, I knew that, but did he have to cut open my entire arm for that?! I know he did that on purpose. He had to publicly humiliate me, didn't he... And if it wasn't for Yorito, he would hade killed me where I stood. That beeing said, Yorito is acting up a lot lately. I allways knew that cocky crane was not to be trusted, but to humiliate Buruke like that in front of everybody... I'm sure glad he was probably to comfy in the tub, otherwise Buruke might have took his head clean off...That's what I would have done. And it might have been for the best, seeing he has the shadow inside of him as well... He even went as far as to theaten me to expose me... that no good crane! A crab would never do that to me... I must be carefull with this one, and keep a keen eye on him. Him and that witch hunter Shidjiro...

Yorito Kakita
16/4/2013 04:31:15 am

After finally acepting my destiny, I feel so liberated and free!

Everyone around me senses this, I am sure. Certainly Daidoji Uji who finally set me free from slavery for the Crab. A wise decision viewing my booming strength in combat and duel. My father, and the whole of the Crane Lineage will be proud of me. And I'm feeling very relieved that my companions can finally pay me the respect that I deserve. A Kuma no more! Rejoice! YOROKUBU!

Although my fellow travellers were a bit baffled by my standup words with Buruke concerning my status as Kuma, I am sure that they understand that I mean no disrespect towards them and certainly not towards Buruke. Buruke is a firm and strong warior who has taught me a lot. He will never be Kedakai, nor intelligent or a real leader but that is not necesary for Crab. He has served me well might I say.

From now on, I will embrace who I am! Be it in Kage or shadows, this is who my Crane ancestors wanted me to be. Luckily Shidjiro has come closer to me in these last days. He can cut away the Kage with his strong Maho. If ever the shadows would clog my reason he is a valuable friend to have. But I am sure this will not be necesary for this was and is the way of my grandfather and all who went before him and will follow after.

Strangely enough, I am not alone to carry that burden I have discovered. Kyoshi also wears the marks and walks the shadows like me. I wanted to come closer to him, share our secret and treat him as a friend but all he did was insult and threaten me. Be it as it may, I have no fear of this petty addict for only one who can accept who he is, can be a wise man and a leader of others.

Yorokubu! Jyanai Kuma mohaya!
Rejoice! A kuma no more!

16/4/2013 04:20:23 pm

Kyoshi and yoritos behaviour is concerning me. I feel events are approaching a resolution rapidly and i'd wish them focused. Our group is not ready for a final test of our resolve. The conflict between the Mantis and the Cranes bores me and I fear the Lions have a nasty surprise waiting behind their supterfuge. There is, however, a silver lining behind all this. I have found a woman worthy to be be my consort. She is living beauty. I must profess a curiosity for her exotic clan and wish to learn much more about them.


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