27-06-2012 (1st letter)
Sons of Hida,Welcome to hell. That is the reality of our lives that has been taught to you over and over again for the past few years of your training. You have doubtless become tired of hearing of it. Horrors beyond imagining have been described to you with such frequency that you no longer have even the slightest reaction to them. This is the unfortunate reality of your teaching, but it must be done. Still, for all that, the first time you stand upon the Kaiu Wall and peer south, deep into the madness we stand guard against, you will know that you are not prepared for what awaits you there.

Winter comes soon, and with it, the dreadful quiet months. Some believe that they are worse, far worse, than the hot summer days when the scent of blood hangs in the air. You will stand atop the Wall in the freezing cold and stand guard, the chill sinking into your bones even as the quiet slowly erodes at your attention. And when you think you can bear it no longer, and you look away just for a moment, you will die. This is the forge in which you will be tempered. This is the process by which you will truly become samurai. It is a trial that no one else in the Empire faces, or could endure. But you will endure it.

Because you are Crab.

Hida Yakamo
Crab Clan Champion & daimyo
Dear samurai,

It has come to my attention that you have aided our most honorable Kuni Utagu with a personal problem. Now that the Unnamed One is defeated you would undoubtedly be eager to join the punishing excursion into the shadowlands, to reclaim Shiro Hiruma, the castle of daylight. However, since the breach of Kaiu Kabe in the Clan Wars, many shadowlands creatures and practitioners of Maho have been allowed to roam the Jade Empire and, since our clan cannot turn a blind eye to the repercussions of our actions, we are in dire need of Maho Tsukai, and any who would stand with them. 

You are hereby commanded to join the festivities of winter court at Kyuden Hida,the Kuni will attend, as they do every year, to perform their gathering. You will not be attending as an official invite to the Crab winter court yet the possibilities & prestige of attending the fringes will prove ample opportunity to enhance your status.

Do not mistake this missive, 

it is no request, failure to attend will have dire consequences.

Hida Kisada, the Great Bear


It is a dangerous time for Rokugan.

A new age has dawned, and a new emperor has claimed the throne. Toturi has raised his banner across the empire - a banner of jade. 

Our fight has only begun. We have torn down the terrible banners and destroyed the dark magics that once tempted our brothers, but there is still much of the Shadowland left outside the Wall. Root out this evil! Rebuild the barrier that stands between Rokugan and the darkness. We must remember the oaths our ancestors swore and this time, we must not fail them. Among their ancient voices I can hear the battle shouts of the Great Bear, and I know he will give us strength to recover what we have lost. 

We have driven the Dark from the Emperor's halls. Now, we must destroy it where it lives and breathes. The Crab and Naga allied together and resolved to move against the Shadowlands to end it's threat once and forever. The Naga Leader Qamar has followed our Daimyo towards Shiro Hiruma, where battle is fought even as you read my letter.

For a thousand years, the Kaiu Wall has separated the green fields of Rokugan from the horrors of the Shadowlands, and for a thousand years the merciless samurai of the Crab have held true to our ancestor's oath: that no shadow of that dark land would be allowed to tread upon the soil of the Empire. During the Clan Wars, the Crab abandoned their ancient charge and allied with the darkness, but now, under the uncompromising leadership of Hida Yakamo, we seek retribution against our ancient enemy. 

We have a great deal of land to magistrate, my friends. Let us get to work.

Kuni Rashomon, 

Commander of the Crab Magistrates.


Forty three days ago, my brother Yakamo took three hundred of our bravest warriors and fiercest samurai, and led them into the Shadowlands toward the castle of the Hiruma. Not a word of their fight has reached us, and there has been no lessening of the Oni against the Kaiu Walls.

As his ancestors before him, Yakamo has traveled into the Shadowlands and not returned. Therefore, until he does, I am acting in his stead as the Champion of the Crab. If he can be found, we will find him. However, out first priority is to defend our borders against Tsanuri’s armies. The Lion march on Crab lands, and we must be ready.

With the last breach of the Kaiu Wall, we discovered that dealing with darkness has a price — and no longer will we be tempted by that power. The Lion, thinking to take advantage of our weakness, send their troops toward our fortresses. Already, Tsuru tells me that his men have been cut down by Lion forces, slaughtered as they attempt to parlay. The Unicorn Magistrates assure me that if we attack, there will be no consequences, no repercussions from the Imperial Legions. We act in the Emperor’s name.

Remind the Lion that they are no longer the Emperor’s right hand.

Hida O-Ushi



As you may know by now the armies of Ikoma Tsanuri, champion of the Lion Clanhave started to arrive on the great wall. As I understand you have had a hand in clearing up the confusion surrounding the Lion march I hereby thank you in name of all the Crab. However, there is still much doubt as to who is responsible for the near outbreak of a Lion-Crab war so I advise you to be vigilant and record any suspicious activity in your current region. I also know you are currently investigating troubles at a Yasuki border keep so I will hereby inform you of the state of the empire.

Kitsu Okura has won the title Jade Champion after defeating the Doomseeker Iuchi Karasu much to the surprise of those who knew him. Rumours spread of Okura's power being owed to dark allegiances but he was still awarded the post. We must be vigilant as the corruption of the Lion can spread. Otaku Battle Maidens of the Unicorn are already marching towards Lion Lands.

Meanwhile our clan has received great honour from the Emperor himself, he has gifted the Jade Throne to the Crab saying that all Clans should donate jade in order to help defend the Empire from the Shadowlands. Kaiu engineers are already crafting a steel throne to replace it.

The Phoenix have opened their borders, in an attempt to recover from the Second Day of Thunder, they offer fealty to any Bushi or Shugenja who prove themselves. Dragon Ronin who did not come to us will certainly accept this edict.

Rumours have come to us that the Mantis Clan is stirring and preparing for war, we do not know against whom but we will follow the events in their lands with great interest. 

The Elemental Dragons withdraw their influence from the mortal world. However, the Dragon of the Void finds it cannot completely abandon the mortals it has come to cherish and instead leaves behind a nemuranai that bears a fraction of its power. This is the Dragon's Claw Katana, which is left with the Crane Clan. 

Men will lie to you. Your eyes will deceive you. Steel never lies, nor deceives, not hides bitter reality. In the sword, you can find truth!

- Kuni Utagu, Daimyo of the Kuni, Head of the Tsukai-Sagasu. 

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